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The success of the Cash For Clunkers program has been at the expense of a few great cars. More sales are good, but crushed classics are bad. Look at the Dodge Ram Vanamino above! Someone, please, Save The Clunkers!


Consider this a call to arms. While we understand there are some cars worth sacrificing to the salvage yard, and we're happy to see Explorers being traded in, a low-mileage FJ60 is not a car we'd like to see sent to the crusher. A mint E28 with a stick is not one of them. People need to know not to sacrifice these precious vehicles. As previously seen, most Americans aren't aware of the difference between true clunkers and quirky classics.


This Dodge Ram Vanamino, a classic example of vangenieering, is being sacrificed at Galpin Ford in Los Angeles. For what? A Ford Focus? We must let people know of the horrors. If you see a great vehicle being sacrificed take a picture and post it here. We must bear witness to the atrocity. Post the pictures here and we'll promote all photos to the top. We must not let any more -aminos be destroyed.

Photos by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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