Saturn Rental Car Never Gets Oil Change, Engine Carnage Ensues After 30,000 Miles

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car delivered a Saturn Outlook to the dealership shop after the check-engine light appeared and the engine quit running. The problem? Enterprise records showed zero oil changes after 30,000 miles. Brutal results below.


As you might expect, going 30,000 miles without an oil change is not a recommended break-in procedure, and as a result the engine oil completely broke down turning into a thick greasy sludge. After finding this mess, technicians contacted Enterprise to see if their records showed any oil changes, which they did not, though it's suspected at some point at least one change was done as the factory oil filter has been replaced. Of course, that might have just been the factory oil filter being replaced. Nonetheless, the engine is completely ruined. It also goes to show just how serious a game of Russian Roulette you're playing if you buy a used rental car. (Hat tip to Zack!)
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