Sarah Palin Ticked Off At Michael Waltrip For Harmless 'Strategery' Comment

During Sunday's NASCAR race from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Michael Waltrip said 'strategery' by accident in the booth, then attributed the use of the word to Sarah Palin. Guess who's mad?

Waltrip got tripped up on his words in the commentary box Sunday when he couldn't think of the word strategist and said strategery instead. He then said "some of that Sarah Palin strategery" to make it a joke.


No harm, no foul.

A couple "I can see Russia from my house" jokes later, the race was over and nobody was worse off. Palin didn't see it that way.

Thing is, Waltrip is a Conservative and actually a fan of Palin's and meant no disrespect at all.


Hopefully she realizes this soon and buries the hatchet.

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