There's a lot to know about Sarah Jessica Parker. She was in Sex And The City. She's married to Matthew Broderick. And apparently she's a huge fan of old American cars, wagons in particular. Somehow she's one of us.

In this, the season premiere of Jerry Seinfeld's wonderful Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry takes definite non-comedian Sarah Jessica Parker out in her car: A Ford LTD Country Squire wagon. That's right: Carrie has a big old wagon. And her favorite parts seem to be the sound of the blinker and the way it kind of smells like gasoline.


Now, people run from any scent of gasoline, but in the past, that was a sign of quality engineering. How times have changed...

If you've watched CCC before, you know that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't necessarily fit the mold of a guest. She's not a comic, but what she does have is a great rapport with Jerry. Even if you're not a fan of Sarah but you love Jerry, it's hard not to enjoy their consistent banter in this episode.

It's also hard to not love Jerry's theme song for this episode. I don't know if it's a full season plan, but it better be, because this shit is gold Jerry. It's gold.


From Crackle: Season 4 Trailer

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