Saleen Sued By Texas Dealer Over Alleged Late Deliveries And Missing Parts

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Steve Saleen’s tuning company is being sued by a Ford dealership in Texas. The dealership claims that the company not only failed to deliver three Mustangs on time, but the cars were also missing thousands of dollars’ worth of upgrades.

Three 2015 Mustangs were the cause of the problem, reports Automotive News:

In its lawsuit, Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio says three 2015 Mustangs it paid Saleen Automotive to modify arrived six months late and missing more than $22,000 in upgrades. The dealership says it has been unable to get a refund for the missing equipment and extra months of floorplan expenses which—would amount to half of the $60,850 in cash with which Saleen said it started the year.


On top of that, another Ford dealership in Bristol, Tennessee, says that it is still waiting for a “Yellow Label” Mustang it ordered from Saleen over 12 months ago. After delays, which Saleen blamed on a vendor, a dealership executive says that the car’s whereabouts are unknown.

In almost definitely completely 100 percent entirely unrelated news, Saleen’s financial trouble is pretty publicly known. In 2014, it owed millions of dollars and had only $7,621 on hand. In 2016, it missed deadlines for filing both its quarterly and annual financial reports. When it did manage to file a quarterly report for the period ending on December 31, 2015, it said it had $60,850 in cash on hand and total liabilities of $11,409,989.


We have reached out to Saleen for more information regarding this suit, and will update if we learn more.