Saleen Slashing Jobs: Performance Vehicle Company Cutting 40 Jobs In Irvine, CA And Troy, MI?

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We received the following tip from a very reliable source about the specialty vehicle manufacturer, Saleen:

"The investor group Hancock Park Associates that owns Saleen, Inc. last week laid off 40 people from Saleen's two facilities in Irvine, CA and Troy, MI.

Some of the executive level positions that were effected include; CFO, VP Engineering, VP Design, VP Dealer Development, Director of Aftermarket, Image Design Director, IT Director, as well as numerous engineering, production, sales and development positions."

We've heard that tensions have been rather strained between the folks at FoMoCo and the Saleen team — which is one of the reasons Steve-O's...

...been looking to snag some work from other automakers. But this doesn't bode well for the Steve Saleen-created company — because losing your chief money guy, chief design guy and chief sales guy is probably not so good of a thing. If anyone happens to know anything more, feel free to drop us a quick e-mail to our tips line.


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I just toured the Irvine facility two weeks ago. They were extremely busy churning out hundreds of the Parnelli Jones speial edition Saleen Mustangs. We were told that it was their most successful run ever. Four S7's were under construction also. I'd like to hear "the rest of the story".