With the upcoming debut of the 2010 Ford Mustang at the LA Auto Show, the existing enormous slate of special-edition Mustangs will be wiped clean, ready for a new crop. But not before a couple more special editions come out, like the Saleen Dark Horse. Only 25 of the 620 HP, supercharged, shaker-hood-scoop-intake-wearing Dark Horse Mustangs will be available, and above that, in a livery Henry Ford would approve of: black only. That black gets dropped over a full body kit with matte-black stripes tossed in for good measure. Your daily recommended allowance of "special edition" Mustang details below.

SALEEN INCORPORATED REVEALS LIMITED EDITION “DARK HORSE” VEHICLE It has been an incredible year for Saleen, Inc, America’s premiere niche vehicle manufacturer, with the elite 25th Anniversary Sterling Signature Edition, the unveiling of the S5S Raptor at the New York Auto Show, production of the Dan Gurney Edition, release of the Racecraft brand and the much anticipated reveal of the 2009 Dark Horse Extreme Edition. With a limited production of 25 coupes being built, this has become a classic round up of high end performance at Saleen. The Product The Dark Horse provides 620HP with 600 ft.-lbs of torque with Speedlab SuperShaker option supplying exclusive styling while enhancing performance. “The vehicle takes advantage of the ram effect into the SuperShaker air box,” states Dan Agnew, Powertrain Engineering Manager, “It increases pressure in the air box, which adds boost by 0.5 psi and holds air charge temperature relatively constant even with the higher boost.” Styling This 25 unit special run combines the power and handling of the Saleen Extreme and the exclusive Heritage body style with interior and exterior cues found only in the “Dark Horse”. The elite Flat Black Exterior graphics and identification, Saleen serialized engine plaque, Navigation System and sport leather seating with Alcantara inserts adds to the exquisite style of this limited edition vehicle. Content “The Dark Horse provides the capability of extreme horsepower and provides the detailed look our customers expect. By merging the Super Shaker with the Extreme powertrain we have created a no compromise solution for people looking for both performance and classic Mustang looks,” states Marc Musial, Chief Powertrain Engineer. The Dark Horse includes: * Saleen Port Matched Series VI Integrated Screw type supercharger * Forged aluminum pistons * Forged steel connecting rods * Forged steel crankshaft The composition of the Dark Horse provides the most intense Saleen ride yet. Production The production of the Dark Horse begins November 2008.