Saleen Debuts Limited Edition $100k Sterling Edition S302E

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In honor of Saleen's twenty fifth anniversary, the specialty manufacturer has decided to produce an extremely limited edition car to mark the occasion. Just 25 Sterling Edition S302E's will be produced for sale. The Sterling edition has a host of upgraded and unique features; Inside the cabin is very handsome black alcantara leather with silver stitched seating, iPod connectivity, a dash mounted start button and above that a 16oz solid sterling silver serialized medallion. On the outside, you'll find custom 20" five spoke wheels, hand painted anniversary logos, billet emblems, and carbon fiber splitters front and rear. Under the hood you'll find...

...a specially modified V8, which is of course supercharged to an ungodly (and we hear underrated) 620 horsepower and 600 lb.ft. of torque paired to a short shifting six speed and reined in by 15" cross drilled stoppers. That's all well and good, but how fast? We tried to nail down General Manager Marques McCammon on a 0-60 time, but the best he would give us was "Less than 4 seconds, and that's all I'm going to say". Don't let the $100,000 price tag scare you, it's actually closer to $99,995. Along with that price, the Sterling Edition also comes with total VIP care during the purchasing process. Each owner will be treated to first class airfare for two to Detroit, limo transit, first class accommodations, meals with Saleen Execs, plant tours, an embroided jacket (numbered to match the car - natch), a car cover and a photo album of the build. Phew. They are certainly going the extra mile for these cars. In person that car is pretty fabulous, the paint is gorgeous and it sounds divine. We'd be interested in running it against the GT500, but we can tell you the upgrades on this baby makes Fords' super pony look like a field mule. Of course, at a price like that - it better.

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Ash78, voting early and often

The hard part of overcome is that the same basic car is driven by 16-year-old chicks all over the country.

I have an old theory...not really mine...but once a vehicle exceeds double the price of the base model, people start to wonder if it's really worth it anymore (best example: Passat W8. Runners-up: Any Merc with "63" in the name)