Sabine Schmitz was originally on Frikadelli Racing’s roster for the Roar Before The Rolex 24, but wasn’t there according to many reports from the weekend. However, Frikadelli Racing’s team owner told Sportscar365 that Schmitz may race in the Rolex 24 anyway, depending on filming commitments with a show you may or may not have heard of called Top Gear.


Wait, what? Sportscar365 writes:

Those who have hopped of seeing Sabine Schmitz — originally on the entry list in the Frikadelli Porsche 911 GT3 R — take part in the Rolex 24 may get their wish as team owner Klaus Abbelen told Sportscar365 there’s a chance the ‘Ring Queen could race, depending on her filming commitments with Top Gear. Schmitz is currently on assignment in California.


Oh, really? Funny, because Chris Evans confirmed to Variety that they’ve been filming the new UK-edition of Top Gear in California:

Evans’ trek to the U.S. for [the Television Critics’ Association] is coinciding with filming for several episodes including a segment in Pebble Beach. Evans joked about having to pivot on the fly when sunny California turned out to be rainy California earlier this week. Just as they rewrote the segment script to account for rain, the sun came out.

That being said, those of you who think this could be confirmation that Schmitz is for-sure the new host of Top Gear may want to slow your roll. Sportscar365's report-blurb left it pretty vague as to what Schmitz could be doing on Top Gear. There are multiple roles on Top Gear and myriad guests throughout a season, and Evans himself told Variety that the Stig will remain a feature of the show. Schmitz can actually drive, and a female Stig would rule.

However, it’s the description of “filming commitments” that makes it sound as if Schmitz has nailed down a recurring role with the new show, to say the least.


After all, she seems to have Jeremy Clarkson’s blessing:

Here’s hoping that whatever it is doesn’t interfere too much with her usual racing and ring-trolling schedule.


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