Saab Asks What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Is something lacking in your automotive relationship? Do you find yourself checking out other cars when yours isn't looking? If you lust for performance or long for value, you need a 1989 Saab 900 Turbo.


Saabs are weird. They feature a lot of design and engineering ideas that are a little out of the box. This is why people who love Saabs really love Saabs and people who don't love Saabs can't find the ignition switch. Because of this, it doesn't come as a huge surprise that some Saab advertisements have a little quirk of their own.

This ad features a poor soul who has fallen out of love with his 80s Camry (I think?). Although he still washes it, he only acts like he is enjoying it. It's no surprise that waxing or an interior detail is a distant memory. Little did he know that all it took was the sight of a quirky Scandinavian car to make him feel blood running through his veins.

In answer to the cheesier 80s version of "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?" we are told that the smart ones buy a Saab. I feel for the less intelligent of the brokenhearted that are likely still in loveless automotive relationships after all these years.


I like Saabs, not a lot, but I do. But I'm confused about why no one calls them out about this "born from jets" stuff. They used to make jets, yes, but the automotive part of the company has been pretty much separated from the jet making part for 20 years. Also their jets weren't necessarily the top of their class. And I doubt that the same people who designed the jets, also designed the cars. Especially the modern ones. I don't how someone who designs jets would think that FWD is a good idea. Most jets are pushed by their propulsion, rather than pulled. So their cars are nothing like jets, don't even seem to use much knowledge learned from making jets. But they can be fun, and sometimes sporty cars.