The Nürburgring in a rental Astra or something sounds interesting, though. Ryan Briscoe has touched on just about every corner of motorsports, which is why he absolutely needs to weigh in on the Jalopnik March Madness Beat-Off.

Alas he hadn't as of this afternoon during his Kinja chat with you all, but he did answer a lot of your other questions.


As this was an Ask Ryan Briscoe Anything day, here are some selected conversations:


Do you ever plan on trying to get into F1? Also which track do you like on the calendar the most and which one do you absolutely hate? Also thanks for being here!


Thanks. I spent a few years driving F1 between 2001 and 2005, but I don't see my career heading back in that direction at this point. I love Long Beach, Indy, Milwaukee, Mid-Ohio, Sonoma.


I don't blame you at this point with where F1 is heading, speaking of that what do you think of the new regulations and do you think they can learn something from Indy?


I get the Hybrid thing, but they might be taking too much of the gas engine aspect away...


What race track have you never driven that you want to?

What track is your favorite?


Nurburgring Long Course - though i already have in a rental car but that doesn't really count.


Did you vote in the Jalopnik Beat-Off?

Which beater would you pick to win it all?


I didn't...


You should.

Unless you're going to vote for the Subaru Impreza, in which case you shouldn't.


Hey Ryan, If you had to choose between running the Rolex 24 or Indy 500, which would you choose and why?


Indy500 - but why choose, we do both almost every year anyway?

For Sweden:

Ganassi drivers are the hardest -working drivers in motorsports.

At this very moment, Kyle Larson is testing the Target Ganassi WRC Mazda 3 that will debut next year, and that all drivers must compete in for at least three events per season*

*unconfirmed reports


oh yeah???

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