RX-7 Owner Pens Moving Craigslist Poem After Car Damaged In Hit-And-Run

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Few things are as disappointing or infuriating as finding out someone hit your car and then drove away, without even leaving a note claiming responsibility, like some kind of savage. Humanity is supposed to be better than this.


What can you do in that situation besides vent? One Mazda RX-7 owner down here in Austin, Texas vented in a classy way after his car was hit at a local theater — by writing a poem in the missed connections section of Craigslist.

The poem, titled A brief glancing blow in the middle of the night, is as follows:

My red rx7, newly obtained, rust unstained, sat in a parking spot.

When you pulled in, you overshot.

An old 88, with beautiful factory original paint, sat glistening in the night. I came out to a fright.

But you didn't care, you didn't think. You hit my car, what a fink.

The front left fender bears a scar, a spot undamaged for 26 years on this car.

You left no note, with me or the theatre. My car is left in the state of a beater.

The money and materials are less the matter, but your lack of compassion makes me sadder.

I have been in a state of depression, longing for anything to rid me of this oppression.

That rhyme was lame, I do admit. But that sin I have to commit,

because dear people who read this ad

I want you to know that hitting and running is bad.

You hurt not only the car, but the person inside

to know that someone was so cruel to their sweet ride.

So sad, and yet, so beautiful.

Hat tip to Katie!



There once was a Mazda in Texas

Hit-and-run by a leased Lexus

The perp left no note

The Mazda was smote

And I swear if I ever find you I will punch you right in your face you sorry son of a bitch what the hell were you thinking that factory paint was perfect god damnit ahrfhrghrhgrg