Russia's Newest Folk Hero Is A Car-Crushing Bus Driver Called 'The Punisher'

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This is Alexei Volkov, known in Zelenograd as "The Punisher." When he gets cut off in traffic, he punishes the offending driver. With over 100 crashes, he is fast becoming the city's newest folk hero.

As we know from numerous dash cam videos, Russia is filled with insane drivers and truly bizarre road incidents. Alexei Volkov wanted to fix bad driving habits, so he set up a dash cam and started filming every time he got cut off, and how he doled out bumper-to-bumper justice.

He uploads these videos to YouTube and you can see his whole channel here.

The bus rarely gets hurt in any of these impacts, and Volkov told a local news station that his employer has nothing against his vigilante crashes. He has never been found guilty in court, he stated. You can read the full, amazing interview here, but here's our favorite part:

- How do the scammers behave after the accidents, when they realize that they will obviously be found guilty of the accident?

- After the accident, nobody realizes that they will “obviously be found guilty”. It’s still a common misconception that those who hit from behind are always at fault. So, they behave arrogantly. Though later it’s funny to watch their painfully pathetic explanations in the office of the analysis group which investigates the accident. By the way, the freak from the last video considered himself right even after cops explained him the situation and he hired a lawyer.


All we know is, never cut off a Russian bus.

(Hat tip to ttyymmnn!)