Russians Turn Three Cars Into A Giant Fidget Spinner

If the youth haven’t told you lately—it’s not cool to talk to adults, after all—little devices called “fidget spinners” are all the rage right now. And because it’s a sensation that’s sweeping more than just this nation, our friends from the land of wacky dash-cam videos decided to weld three cars into a giant spinner.


Since this craze will probably last about as long as any other craze—not long—people may as well take advantage of the YouTube fame while they can. That’s exactly what a group called “Garage 54” from Russia did, sawing apart and welding together three Lada Samaras to make the ultimate fidget spinner that will do nothing to aid a person’s obsessive need to fidget.

But hey, it’s very much a video-worthy idea. The end product didn’t spin too well, but it sure does look fun:

There’s a full 11-minute video from the group showing how they made the cars into one and all of that fun stuff. Hurry up and watch it, because fidget spinners may not be cool anymore by the time you get done.

Staff writer, Jalopnik


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