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Russians Curling With Crapcans Is Curling You'll Actually Want To Watch

Curling! Unless you bleed Red Green and caught your lunch in an ice fishing hut, you may have no idea how it works. Fortunately, some enterprising Russians found the perfect way to introduce the frozen north’s favorite weird Olympic sport to the masses: by playing it with old, stripped-out rusty hatchbacks.

Four teams competed in Russia’s first-ever car curling tournament. One person steered the car while the others on their team pushed it towards a target painted on the ice rink.


The highlight of this variation of the sport wasn’t the beater destruction per se, but rather, seeing how many of those pushing the car could stay on their feet.

Laugh now, for your time to eat it on the ice will come soon. It always is.

[H/T Jeff!]

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Even classic regulation curling is entertaining to watch.

Needs more sweepy