Russian Woman At Gas Station Turns Her Car Into A Fireball, Proves Gas Is Flammable

Idiot or crazy? It’s so hard to decide. When you see a person take their lighter out at a gas station, and deliberately hold it right up to the pump, and then act surprised at the ensuing fireball, the question of crazy or idiot is sublimely difficult. Maybe both?


I’m not really sure what this woman at a Russian gas station was thinking, but I have a guess. I suspect she was fed up with being spoon-fed that old wives’ tale about gasoline being incredibly flammable.

She was probably sick of seeing all those gas station warning signs telling you to keep away open flame, and those absurdly histrionic warnings about how flammable gas is? How gullible do they think we are, she wonders, internally. “Gas is flammable.” Yeah, right. A little experiment will get to the bottom of this!

Seriously, what the hell was she thinking? I’m not sure what the driver behind her with the dashcam is saying, but you have to admire the speed of his “fuck this” get-the-hell-out-of-there driving. Though maybe he could have honked or something when this loon pulled out the lighter?

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