Russian Tow Truck Drops A Car And Just Keeps On Driving

Mother Russia brings us another gem this week with a new dash cam video showing a flat-bed tow truck dropping a car on the street and just continuing on its merry way. Never change, Russia.


We don’t know much about this video, but The Telegraph says it comes to us from the small town of Lipetsk, Russia. Whether the car was fastened to the flat-bed at all is not known, and we’re not sure if the truck driver ever pulled over to pick up his cargo.

But what looks apparent based on the video, is that the truck-driver was completely clueless.

Now, I don’t know how much torque the tow truck in this video has, and I don’t know how bad the cabin’s Noise, Vibration and Harshness qualities are, but surely the driver must have known he dumped an entire car off the back of his rig, right?

He must have heard the crash, and he must have noticed that his truck was a little more spritely without the weight of the car on the back. What about the change in ride-quality without the loaded up rear leaf springs? He had to have noticed that, right?

Apparently not, as the truck driver doesn’t appear to react to the car-drop in any way. He just keeps on driving.

Boy is he in for a surprise later.

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Mark Longoria

Cars dropped = 1

Fucks given = 0