Vladimir Putin's Presidential Chauffeur Killed In Horrifying Crash

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “favorite chauffeur” was reportedly killed in a head-on collision in Moscow.


Video shows a black Mercedes CLS swerving into oncoming traffic and colliding with a Federation Council registered BMW 7-Series in Moscow. The President’s chauffeur was alone in the car and paramedics declared him dead at the scene. The Mercedes driver was taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

According to The Daily Mail, the driver had been an official government driver for over 40 years. No other information has been made available at this point, and police are investigating the crash.


You can see just how hard the impact was in the video below:

Via CarScoops

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Before everybody jumps on this saying it was an intentional assassination, in that scenario who would be driving the Merc? What kind of maniac would think that having someone drive a car through traffic at high speed and perfectly time a head on collision that kills the other driver but not themself is in any way a possible plan? Does the FSS have some sort of precision kamikaze driving squad? They they then modify the Merc with a roll cage and HANS device or something so that driver could survive? None of that makes sense.

It’s a bit like the Princess Diana conspiracy theories: they just fall apart under any scrutiny.