Russian Mayor Does Ferrari Donuts In Mall 'For A Joke' Sure Why Not

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Wanna hear a joke? A former Russian mayor wanted to show off his new Ferrari, so he drove it into a mall and did a series of donuts around bumbling security guards. No, you’re not laughing? Weird... Alexander Donskoy, the driver, former mayor of Arkhangelsk, Russia, thought it was hilarious.

A video of the incident shows Donskoy’s Ferrari whopping through the empty hallways of a downtown Moscow shopping mall late Sunday, something the former municipal officer called “a joke,” according to UK tabloid Metro:

Donskoy told Russian site 360 that the whole thing was a ‘performance’ in the style of artist Marina Abramovich.

‘I like to joke,’ he said. ‘This is such a funny performance, a way of attracting attention. But, unfortunately, not everyone took it as a joke. On the whole I think this is such a funny stunt.

‘I chose a safe place and the best route for this performance. Everything was thought out, there was no risk of causing any damage.’


The video shows security guards trying to corner Donskoy, while he drifts around a lobby area before heading down a straightaway. Metro reports he was one of the country’s youngest mayors and planned to run against Vladimir Putin in the country’s 2008 presidential election. But, tragically, he was arrested in 2007 for alleged “economic crimes and abuse of office.”

To be honest this looks staged as hell though.

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