Russian Car Explodes In Spectacular Fashion

Photo: Video Library/YouTube
Photo: Video Library/YouTube

You know how in movies like Fast and Furious, cars somehow manage to explode in unrealistic, over-the-top displays of cinematic excess? Sometimes it happens in real life. In Russia.


The video, posted by YouTuber Video Library, shows a white sedan in the middle of a Russian parking lot slowly and calmly burning like a quaint Boy Scout campfire. But just as a woman nonchalantly jogs across the screen, the car goes Fast And Furious plus Die Hard plus Transporter times infinity, erupting in a fireball that I didn’t know was actually possible in the real world.

The YouTube video’s description says this all happened on August 9th in Novy Urengoy, Russia. That day, according to the description, witnesses say they saw a guy standing near the car with the hood open, and that shortly thereafter, the blaze started. Sounds like someone had a fuel or transmission fluid leak somewhere.

Apparently, bystanders “drove the car away from other vehicles before it exploded,” a very bold and dangerous move considering the insanity that happened shortly thereafter.

The YouTube caption does say the explosion sent a fireman to the hospital for first and second degree burns. And while that’s sad news, clearly it could have been a lot worse.

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