After a while, it gets hard to count all of the traffic laws that Russia's 'Black Devil' breaks in his many YouTube videos.


In his black Porsche Cayenne Turbo, he drives on the sidewalk. He weaves in and out of heavy traffic at high speeds. He splits lanes. He passes a crowded line of cars on the wrong side of the road. And when he's on his Hayabusa, he blows past other vehicles at crazy speeds and pops wheelies on camera. And all of it was captured on video for his YouTube channel, which has nearly 2,500 subscribers and 2.8 million views.

But the problem with filming yourself flouting the law is that when the cops get ahold of it, it becomes something different: evidence. According to The Atlantic, the man known as the Black Devil — a 22-year-old Moscow student who has no driver's license — has been caught. The suspect, who also had no license plates on his Cayenne, has not been named.


As we've seen here many times before, Russia has a penchant for heavy dash cam video use as well as reckless driving. And while the Black Devil is certainly an asshole for driving the way he did, I've seen much worse out of Russia before, and America.

All I know is he's probably wishing he hadn't made so many videos now.

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