Russian Authorities Investigating That Insanely Low Fighter Jet Flyover

Remember that video of a Sukhoi fighter jet buzzing a bunch of unsuspecting Russian motorists?


Well, apparently the plane wasn't flying low based on military orders, and now prosecutors want answers.

The plane that buzzed the roads at an incredibly low altitude was a Sukhoi SU-24 Fencer, and was luckily caught on a Russian dash cam. This is what the SU-24 is designed to do: Ultra low strike missions. The problem is that it is peace time right now. These sorts of missions shouldn't be happening over public roads, training or not.

While Anatoly Kvochur, a famed Russian test pilot, said that Russia needs more pilots like this, this was not close to a safe maneuver.

But no matter what Kvochur thinks, Russian authorities are quite displeased with what happened. It would seem the international attention the viral video received may have been part of the impetus to find out what happened. They will definitely be investigating safety practices and flight records at a number of airfields to see just how frequently this occurs.

Somebody is gonna be in trouble, and we all know what happens when Putin gets mad. In case you didn't know, here's the band Pussy Riot with their single "Putin Lights Up The Fires."


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