Russia Gave A Playboy Bunny A Car Show And It's Kind Of Awesome

Meet Irina Olkhovskaya, one of Playboy's 55th anniversary cover models. But she isn't just some has-been bunny, she's a car show host.

What better way to get people to watch a show about a defunct Soviet automobile than by inserting a leggy, bright red polyester racing skirt-clad bleached blonde into the driver's seat?

From a bucking "I can't remember (or never learned) how to drive a manual" cruise across a classic muddy russian field to her singing of the Soviet national anthem, this series,, has the sort of brash, unsubtle charm that only Russians can muster.


But for those of you worried that Mother Russia's children want to return to the industrially mighty days of communism, Irina was way more impressed with the Lamborghini Gallardo she tried out in another episode. She seemed to regard the Lambo like a man she would actually go home with, while the ZAZ 968M suffered the kind of treatment reserved for the old factory worker she has to be nice to on TV.

Capitalism won, it's here to stay, and its Russian spokesmodel makes us want to watch more.

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Jason Torchinsky

I'd still rather have the ZAZ than the Lambo. I may need help.