RuPaul Drives is basically Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Just without comedians. Or coffee. And instead of lighthearted jokes, there's some dark, serious conversation. And apparently RuPaul and Henry Rollins are friends. My brain just exploded.

This episode has "old friends" Henry Rollins and RuPaul going to pick up some art in LA. While in the car, their conversation is unabashedly serious. It's about life, about how they are as people, what scares them.


Everything about this show is weird. Even the Volvo 240 RuPaul drives, with its red body and chrome wheels. It just doesn't look right to me, though it might to others.

This is a series. I have no idea how the next one could be stranger than this. But now I kind of can't wait to see.

Hat Tip to Owen!

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