Running From Cops With 15 Quarts Of Oil In Your Clothes Is A Bad Idea

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Jorge Sanchez appeared to know exactly where he was headed when he walked into a Burbank, Calif. Costco last week: straight to the oil aisle. When he showed up at the register a few pounds heavier, Costco employees knew something was up.

Sanchez had stuffed 24 quarts of motor oil into his clothes, using a bungee cord to secure some of them to his body, much like a terrorist secures dynamite to a vest. When confronted by store employees, Sanchez bolted, nine of the quart bottles falling from his clothes as they chased him across the parking lot.

The cops caught up with Sanchez several blocks down the road. Witnesses had seen him doing that funny poop-loaded-pants run through a neighborhood before he ended up face down on someone's driveway, a police officer on his back and oil bottles digging into his ribs and pinching his breathing.


When they searched his car, police found another 50 quarts of oil. They also found that Sanchez changes oil for a living. At $4 per quart for the cheap stuff and nearly $10 for synthetic, Sanchez's risky business decision makes some sense, even if it was a dumb idea. (Hat tip to Bret and Nosrat!)

Photo credit: Shutterstock