Runaway Diesel Somehow Still Runs After Becoming a Massive Fireball

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Imagine your ideal race weekend. No matter what you picture, there’s a pretty good chance it doesn’t involve your vehicle looking like a zombie flamethrower. But that’s just what happened to the Dirty Hooker Diesel team at the Ultimate Callout Challenge event.

If you’ve never had the chance to see what happens when a diesel engine aspirates, now’s your chance.

You can watch the carnage take place below:

If you’re not able to watch, the Dirty Hooker Diesel team lined their Chevy up on the dyno to see how much horsepower they could produce when everything goes very badly.


Basically, the engine blew, with multiple holes knocked into it. At that point, it just kept aspirating until it finally ran itself into the ground.

The truck clocked 2,053 HP and 2527 lbs-ft of torque despite the fact that it proceeded to overrun its way right into a hell-worthy fireball.

One of the wildest parts of this video—for me, at least—is watching the brakes just melt away as the driver stomps on ‘em, trying to get the damn thing to slow down. I’ve seen hot brakes before, but I’ve never seen them melt away so goddamn fast.

Miraculously, the team spent the next seventeen hours working to get the truck back up and running. Despite looking a little bit like a charred marshmallow, the Chevy endured enough replacements that it was firing up the next day.


Nobody was hurt—not even the driver who was forced to bail out the window. It’s tough to ever say something that lit on fire is “lucky,” but I think we can agree that it’s pretty damn applicable here.

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The brakes on this truck actually experienced what a bunch of Camry drivers claimed to experience during that mass hysteria incident.

Now we know, the threshold for a stuck throttle to overpower the brake system is somewhere between 200 and 2000HP.