RUMOR: USF1 Buying Campos To Salvage 2010 Season?

If there's a team with as many troubles as USF1 it's Campos Meta1. Now sources tell us USF1 may team up/acquire Meta1. Are two struggling teams better than one?


The buzz we've been told by a key supplier source is USF1 is having quite a lot of trouble with FIA crash testing and the team is caught in a battle between older F1 engineers wanting to talk about the problem and younger engineers just wanting to do it. The solution? Combine the Campos Meta1 team and the USF1 team and hope against hope one of the cars, two of the drivers and some combination of remaining sponsors can get enough together to make a few races.

We wonder if maybe it isn't the other way around since it seems Campos has a better sponsorship setup than USF1 right now. Also, ESPN is reporting Campos will announce a new funding solution soon. Could their funding solution be YouTube founder and possibly former USF1-sponsor Chad Hurley, thus creating a rumor that USF1 is buying Campos?

Granted, this is all a crazy rumor, but crazy rumors are all we have right now.

As for their website being down overnight, USF1 insisted through their twitter account it's nothing to look into:

The US F1 Team web server is down and is being repaired as this is written. We are not gone, as many have reported. More news soon.


We'll be waiting.

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