Rotary Citroëns On The March: The M35

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In the late 1960s, Citroën was hoping to build a rotary-powered small car. They got together with NSU and formed a Luxembourg-based company to develop the new Wankel powerplant, then made a few hundred Heuliez-bodied Ami coupes equipped with their proud new rotaries. These vehicles, officially designated the M35 and considered to be prototypes, were supplied to selected high-mileage Citroën buyers for long-term testing use. Sadly, the rotary Citroëns didn't work out, for the usual reasons of high fuel consumption and/or emissions, and Citroën dropped the whole idea. What if they'd stuck with the idea and Mazda hadn't? Imagine an alternate universe in which the RX-7 is French! [Citroenet]

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would the RX-7 still be cool if it was French? Would it be lust-worthy after all these years? Would it have sold in the US of A?

Those are some very deep, scary questions you pose, Mr Martin... Do not adjust the vertical, do not adjust the horizontal...