Rolls-Royce Looks to Crack Lower-Priced Luxury Market

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Ever since Aston Martin and Bentley found a lucrative sweet spot in the $150,000-to-$200,000 range, Rolls-Royce has likely been sweating those companies' gains as sales of its own $300,000+ cars have suffered from lux-anemia. Now, AutoWeek is reporting that the symbol of top-range vehicles (now owned by BMW) is lowering its sights. According to AW, the first among a new range of lower-priced Rolls entries, a sedan, will appear in 2009, and a finalized product plan is expected within the next year. The company hasn't confirmed it'll be raiding BMW's pantry to outfit the new cars, as Bentley did with VW, though rumors suggest the new 4.8-liter BMW V8 as a premium powerplant.

Baby Roller Revival: Rolls-Royce wants a piece of former partner Bentley's action [AutoWeek]


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