Rolls-Royce must be running out of stereotypically British things to pay tribute to, because now they've designed a line of cars celebrating a cross between Grand Prix racing and Duck Tales, the Schneider Trophy.

The Schneider Trophy ran through the ‘20s and the early ‘30s, back when rich aristocrats from Europe would go get themselves killed doing extreme sports. It was mainly because they didn't have any World Wars to fight with each other. Each country would design a superfast seaplane and every year they'd race each other. Britain won the last few years with Supermarine planes (the predecessors to the Spitfire) with Rolls-Royce engines.


So now Rolls-Royce has an excuse to cram more old-school Britishness into the Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection. You order a car that gets matte trim on the hood and in the cockpit, along with some extremely expensive-looking black gauges. You also get a Thommen clock, a mahogany dash, and leather floor mats, just like those great airmen who killed themselves in fast planes because they had nothing better to do.

We assume that Rolls-Royce is running out of British tropes at this point. Expect BMW to announce a new line of Rolls-Royces next year commemorating bangers and mash, the Queen's Corgis, or maybe Winston Churchill's jowls.

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