Rolls-Royce Can't Keep Up With Demand For The Cullinan SUV

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In a twist that literally everyone saw coming, Rolls-Royce is working at capacity to fulfill orders for its new gargantuan SUV the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Sales keep rolling in to dealers, so much so that Rolls has had to increase its staff to 2000 total employees (up 200 from last year at this time) to deal with the uptick in order sheets.

With the new model having been teased since 2013 and finally hitting showrooms late last year, there has been a pent up demand for the high Roller, and it’s reaching critical mass, according to a report by Automotive News.


Rolls-Royce order bookings are backed up through the end of July right now, thanks in large part to Cullinan orders. Reportedly as many as half of Cullinan buyers are new to the Rolls brand. Rolls also says the Cullinan appeals better to women, who make up a larger percentage of buyer for the SUV model. The model is also drawing in a younger customer than traditionally seen in a Rolls.

2018 was a record year for Rolls production, but the Cullinan didn’t hit dealer showrooms until November. While some of that uptick was found following the 2017 launch of the Phantom, Cullinan has been a boon for the brand. It’s fair to assume that Rolls is headed for another banner year in 2019.


“Many customers that already drive a Dawn or a Phantom buy a second Rolls-Royce,” Martin Fritsches, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas told Automotive News.

Fritsches also stated that he expects the Cullinan to sell exceptionally well in Canada, where the brand currently has four dealerships. In 2018 Rolls of Canada sold exactly 100 cars, and Fritsches expects that number to exceed 150 this year.


To paraphrase Nicolas Cage’s seminal character Randall “Memphis” Raines from the astonishing year 2000 “Gone in 60 Seconds” cinematic masterpiece, “There are too many self-indulgent wieners in the world with too much bloody money.”

There is a zero percent chance that I would purchase this ridiculous poseur’s soft roader over any of the other amazing Rolls available. Buy a Wraith and have some fun, dammit.