Illustration for article titled Robert Novak Hits Pedestrian With Corvette, Tries To Flee Scene

Boiling bile-duct of right-wing rage Robert Novak earlier today struck a pedestrian with his black C5 Corvette, then attempted to flee the scene of the accident. According to witnesses, Novak plowed into the man as he was crossing the street on a walk signal, throwing the victim across the windshield and onto the ground. Novak then proceeded to make a right turn and continue as if nothing happened. A nearby bicyclist chased the pundit down and stopped him by parking his bike in front of the 'Vette. When confronted, Novak claimed he didn't know he had hit anyone.

When police arrived at the scene they ticketed Novak for failure to yield; however, other charges may be pending. The 60-year-old pedestrian was treated for injuries at George Washington University Hospital and later released. We're assuming Novak will plead not guilty, as the pedestrian was a liberal scumbag who failed to yield to the conservative reality of his 'Vette's bumper. (H/T to Maxichamp and SwatLax) [Politico]


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