This wonderful place of awesomeness was found by Opponauts CrzRsn and Yamahog while they were searching for some doors for an XJ. It's Marshall Motors in Jackson, MI and unlike that other cool used-car dealer, this place has plenty of cheap, weird, and strange rides for your next project car hell.

I can only imagine the noise that will come from this 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Nast Drag Car ($3,259)


This 1951 Ford Stepside ($2700) needs a little love, and by "love" l mean engine and transmission, but it could make for a great Truck Yeah! resto-mod project.

You would be just plum-crazy not to consider this '69 Dodge Dart ($7700) with a 273 cu/in V8... ok yeah a Hemi would be better, but it's still way cooler than driving a 2014 Dart.


Can't afford a Rally Fighter? This '89 Pontiac Trans Am GTA 4x4 ($3900) is just waiting to be Orlove'd.


I saved the best for last. This '65 VW Bug kit-car ($3,595) with reportedly only 11,111 miles on the clock. Those fenders! Those tires! 10/10 would hoon.

In case you are wondering, Marshall Motors will ship cars anywhere in the USA, though why you wouldn't want to take a road trip and visit this place in person is beyond me. Recently we had a QOTD on how to best spend a million dollars on cars, but very few of us will have that kind of opportunity. However, scratching up 5 or 10 grand is probably doable. So what would be the best way to spend 10k at Marshall Motors?


Consider your productivity wasted for the rest of the day...

(Photo Credit: Marshall Motors)

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