It’s kind of funny how, let’s say, a reasonably new TVR would be illegal in America while this barely re-wrapped piece of wonderful stock car junk is insurable and fully road legal. Either way, the “NASCARlo” is Roadkill’s greatest car to date. We all should want one.

I can’t really get my head around this, but I guess Ricky Bobby was right all along: America must be the greatest country on the planet.


In Europe, badly welded body panels “with a VIN number” wouldn’t make your race car road legal, and no company would insure such a thing. In fact, if they caught you (which is is more than likely to happen) you couldn’t even drive that thing back to base. Huge fine, points on you license, flatbed. I’m not saying we don’t drive race cars on the street, but if we must get to those snowy mountains with a caged Lada, we do it at night, in the countryside, far away from highways. I have done this. California seems to be more forgiving as long as you don’t drive a TDI.

The guys from Roadkill had their glorious oval track stock car rotting for four years. They couldn’t drive it without having insurance, but a chopped up body of a rusty 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo somehow took care of that problem, and the result is a better speed machine than the Vettecart. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

What crash protection? They had helmets!

Photo credit: Roadkill

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