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While the stereotype of taxi drivers around the world is one thing, taxi drivers in Thailand can seem a special type of crazy. That craziness is certainly on display in what is reportedly a photo of a taxi driver in Bangkok swinging out his open window to kick a passing motorist through his open window.


Facebook user Pong Badbad claims he snapped the picture while witnessing the taxi driving the wrong way on a rather small road at Soi Charansanitwong 31. It seems likely that the argument arose over the taxi driver’s allegedly poor decision making, and it apparently ended when he swung out of his own window to kick the Honda driver before driving away.

Another Facebook user, Bank, is claiming to be the driver of the City above, and has written that he filed a police report at Bang Khun Thian Police Station. Bank says he is demanding compensation for damage to the City and for an injury to his arm.


The Southeast Asian media outlet, Coconuts, also reports that the taxi driver has been questioned by police, claims that the City driver hit him first, and that he will also file charges. However, Coconuts doesn’t cite any sources.

Image via Pong Badbad/Facebook.

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