An Earth-loving Toyota Prius driver uselessly sideswiped a pickup multiple times during a road rage incident in Colorado last Friday. The owner of the Prius is now being charged with felony assault.

The incident allegedly began when the two nearly collided exiting Interstate 25 near Colorado Springs. The Prius then followed the pickup before pulling alongside and sideswiping the truck three times. When the 61-year-old pickup driver pulled over, the 30-year-old Prius driver shoved him. The pickup driver now complains of back pain. The assault was upgraded to a felony because, in Colorado, anyone over 60 is defined as an “at risk adult.”

The result of the scuffle? Damage to the Prius’s side where it impacted the undamaged truck’s wheels and unspecified jail time for the vehicle’s owner. [via The Colorado Springs Gazette]