Road Rage Leads To Ridiculous Fight Between Old Cop And Old Lawyer

Remember when we talked about what you're supposed to do after a car accident? Here's a tip: not this. Definitely not this.


A road rage incident in Los Angeles led to a fight in the middle of the street between two older men in shirts and ties, one of whom is an attorney and one of whom is a retired LAPD cop, according to KTLA. And when two old guys in ties fight each other in the middle of the street, it's every bit as ridiculous as you'd expect.

The news stations reports that attorney Randalf Kincaid, driving the light blue Volkswagen Beetle, and the retired officer in the BMW both exited the San Diego Freeway when a confrontation ensued over some unspecified act of road rage. The fight was then captured on (unfortunately portrait) video shot by someone in a Honda.

In it we see Kincaid throw a punch at the ex-officer and then turn to get back in his Beetle after some words are exchanged. But very few cops, active duty or otherwise, are going to let you get away with punching them, so the former officer puts Kincaid in a chokehold and takes him down to the ground.

That was a nice takedown there. You can tell he's had training.

The retired officer then placed Kincaid under citizen's arrest until police arrived to take him into custody on battery charges, the TV station reports.


And what we're left with is an absurd fight that seems like something out of a Will Ferrell movie. Maybe it's that mustache on the ex-cop.

Hat tip to Automatch in Oppo-land!

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