Road Rage Incident Reaches 100 MPH On North Carolina Highway

A witness captured footage and provided commentary of the highway incident

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Another day, another road rage incident. This time someone decided to take a part of their morning to run another driver off the road. The incident took place early Thursday morning on Interstate 73 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Luckily, no one was hurt, a witness filmed it, and the aggressor was stopped as soon as he put the other car on the median.

That morning, Pete Denny was also driving down the interstate and caught the incident on camera. He told FOX8 WGHP, “They have been going at it 6 or 8 minutes before I even started recording, and matter of fact, the guy even tried to cut me off two or three times, and I didn’t want to confront it. So I backed off, and then that’s when the black car got involved. It was like a boxing match.”


The video begins with a black Mazda sedan on the inside lane and a white van swinging to the shoulder to overtake a truck. The van is in pursuit of the Mazda. As they approach a white Penske rental truck, The van takes to the exit lane and then the shoulder to get around the rental truck. Providing live commentary, Denny says, “He gonna kill this woman.” as the van drives right up to the Mazda’s rear bumper. Denny also added that he was going 100 mph following the two vehicles.

The van driver would follow the Mazda down an interchange off-ramp and pull alongside the black sedan. The Mazda driver throws a drink at the van as the two merge onto another highway. The van closely encroached on the sedan on the highway, and the Mazda driver lost control of their car. An unmarked Dodge Charger police cruiser almost immediately drove into the frame, turned on its lights, and stopped the white van.


Thankfully, no one was harmed, and seemingly no vehicle was damaged.