Road Covered In Wriggling Eels And Slime Following Horror Nightmare Crash

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... what. is. THAT. Why are these cars covered in slime? Eels, reportedly? Why are the eels ... there?


According to the Oregonian, the incident took place around 3 p.m. and has left a “decidedly disgusting scene,” closing most of U.S. 101 to traffic and leaving a poor sedan drenched in slime.


“HWY 101 mp 131 just got slimed,” the local fire department said, in a laconic remark about THE EELS.

Local news reports say that two people were injured in the crash, but neither required a trip to the hospital.


Ugh, god, look at them squirm. Police reportedly said the truck was transporting the eel load to Korea “for consumption.” Now I feel bad. The poor eels.


This officially leads the day for Gross Car News in a busy day for gross car news.

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