Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... what. is. THAT. Why are these cars covered in slime? Eels, reportedly? Why are the eels ... there?

According to the Oregonian, the incident took place around 3 p.m. and has left a “decidedly disgusting scene,” closing most of U.S. 101 to traffic and leaving a poor sedan drenched in slime.

“HWY 101 mp 131 just got slimed,” the local fire department said, in a laconic remark about THE EELS.


Local news reports say that two people were injured in the crash, but neither required a trip to the hospital.

Ugh, god, look at them squirm. Police reportedly said the truck was transporting the eel load to Korea “for consumption.” Now I feel bad. The poor eels.

This officially leads the day for Gross Car News in a busy day for gross car news.