Rivian Recalls Just Over 200 Vehicles Due to Cross-Threaded Seatbelt Bolts

The front seatbelts of some Rivian trucks and SUVs could come loose.

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Photo: Kevin Dietsch (Getty Images)

Rivian is recalling 207 R1S electric SUVs and R1T electric trucks. The front seatbelts were improperly affixed to the B-pillar, meaning that they could come loose, NHTSA reports. It’s not a huge number of vehicles for a recall — but it’s a pretty significant concern.

From the NHTSA report:

Rivian has determined that on certain R1T and R1S vehicles, the seat belt height adjuster bolt for the front driver and/or passenger seat may have been cross threaded during the vehicle manufacturing process. This condition may decrease the strength of the bolt joint causing inadequate attachment of the front seat belts during loading.


If you’re the owner of a Rivian, NHTSA says you might notice the defect thanks to a rattling sound coming from the seatbelt’s height adjuster, or you might find that the height adjuster assembly itself has a lot of play in it when you move it.

Rivian noticed the issue on July 12 of this year and opened an investigation in the Normal Assembly Plant. Just over a month later, it issued a voluntary recall — but luckily it hasn’t seen any reports of injuries or accidents.


Nine R1S SUVs and 198 R1T trucks have been included in this recall. Any vehicle built after August 8 should not have this problem, since the issue had been noticed by that time.

This isn’t the first recall Rivian has seen, though. In May, Rivian recalled over 500 R1T trucks because an issue with the passenger seat airbag sensor meant it wouldn’t deactivate in the presence of children, thus resulting in injuries for any kids riding up front (though they shouldn’t be up there anyway).