Rivian Put an Overlanding Kitchen in Its R1T and It Rules

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If you are a company catering to truck and SUV buyers and you want to make a splash, one way to do that is to show off your product at Overland Expo. This event has grown from a fledgling gathering of off road independents to the SEMA-esque display of rugged products from all over the world. Even some OEMs have gotten in on the fun. Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, this year’s Overland Expo features a really interesting concept from Rivian, a full camping kitchen that hides away when you’re not using it.

Rivian alleges that the R1T electric truck has a range of 400 miles, and even better for overlanding, you can gain some of that range back as the battery charges downhill. Because it’s electric, the body is engineered to make maximum use of the space usually relegated to drivetrain. The truck has been shown as a concept with a “geartunnel” passthrough between the bed and the rear seat. Jason nerded out about it last month. It’s pretty nerd-worthy.

Taking that a step further, Rivian is showing just what that geartunnel can do. The company has engineered a full camping kitchen that slides out of the geartunnel to appeal to the folks at Overlanding Expo. With two burners, a sink, and storage for extra water and all of the utensils you need to cook a meal, this is a pretty genius piece of kit for the overlander.


Throw a tent on the back and you’ve got what amounts to four-star accommodations as far as camping is concerned.

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