Ridiculous Missing Car Ad Works Thanks To The Internet's Weird Sense Of Humor

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Earlier this month local news in Mexico said a woman’s 1991 Nissan pickup truck was stolen at a gas station in Hermosillo. She posted this hand-scribbled picture to Facebook which was immediately turned into a meme. It’s kind of mean, kind of funny but hey, she did end up getting her truck back!

Multiple Facebook pages have sprouted dedicated to the truck’s owner, identified as Zaira Salazar Medina, and her simple illustration. It’s been PhotoShop’d into movies, toy stores and obviously terrorist convoys.

The truck is, as the Mexicans write; viralizó.

You can pretty much find pictures of this stupid cutout anywhere and everywhere between Ciudad Y Poder, way too many Facebook albums, even more Facebook albums, and everywhere else quality LOLs are sold.


Don’t worry it’s been appropriated by shills too:


Pretty much: “Forget the lost, get a new Chevy Trax!”

Mexico’s Chevrolet dealers got so fired up about this they decided to give Medina a new S-10, in some kind of “if you get this many likes”-type contest AM.MX reports. (The Mexican S-10 is basically what we call a Colorado in America, though it looks like the one Medina got was a single-cab unique to the market south of the border.)


Seems like it would have been a more logical fit for a PR move by Nissan’s outfit in Mexico, but hey. I’m sure Medina’s totally stoked to have wheels at all!

She’s actually got two trucks now, because not long after the Nissan was stolen it was spotted getting ready to be resold according to Mexican news site Ciudad y Porter.


Even though the side-view illustration wasn’t the most vivid rendering, apparently that distinctive black roof was enough for somebody to correctly I.D. the “most famous car in Mexico” and get it recovered. The truck’s license plate being included in the original missing-ad probably helped too.

I guess the moral is; getting made fun of on the internet might come back to reward you? Also, maybe, be careful which Sonoran gas stations you leave your truck at.


Hat tip to Mike!


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