'Ricky Bobby' Comes In Twentieth At Talladega

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NASCAR's Kurt Busch is a jerk. A jerk with a surprisingly awesome sense of humor. Facing a race at Talladega with no sponsors, he entered it with the Ricky Bobby "ME" paint job from Talladega Nights and quoted the film as he drove in circles.

Did we mention there was also a cougar in the car the whole time?

Films about NASCAR focus on big personalities (narcissists) and the fictional Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights is the biggest personality (narcissist) of all. It's no surprise then that when Kurt Busch lost his sponsorship, the similarly large personality (narcissist) did what Ricky Bobby did in the film: Painted the car with the word "ME" on it — because Kurt Busch can only rely on himself — and wrote "I WANNA GO FAST" on the back.


He also planned to quote from the film the entire time and put a (stuffed) cougar in the car. More than just a gimmick, Busch decided the car would also promote the Armed Forces Foundation.

The sponsorless Busch wasn't lying. Throughout the race he'd quote (apparently from cue cards in the vehicle) Ricky Bobby from the film screaming "Slingshot… ENGAGED!" and "10-4 I don't want to bump into him and spill his macchiato."

Even better spun-out with a few laps to go and drove backwards into the pits in true Ricky Bobby fashion and somehow wasn't penalized for it. His sponsored brother — Kyle — came in second.

Busch came in 20th, but by the maxim set forth by Ricky Bobby's dad, if you're not first you're last. Still, there's no doubt he finished the race as the star.

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I just don't get the hate on NASCAR. It's probably the best value in the racing world. You start off with a time trial. Then they run an endurance race and when the last yellow flag has fallen they finish up with a sprint!

Sure that first part and that last part are pretty dull but there's always a lot of repetition in the middle! Who can't love that combo?!?