Richard Hammond Wants Everyone To Know He’s Not Dead

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The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond had an ugly, fiery crash while filming for the show’s second season in Switzerland, resulting in an airlift to the hospital shortly after he climbed from the car with a busted knee. But, straight from his hospital bed, Hammond wants everyone to know that he’s not dead.


Hammond’s crash happened in an electric Rimac Concept One supercar after driving Switzerland’s Hemburg Hill Climb, and original reports said he might have fractured his knee during it. He managed to climb out of the car before it burst into flames, conscious and talking before being airlifted away. No one else was injured in the crash, and video of it later surfaced.

But here’s our pal Richard, straight from the hospital bed letting us all know that he’ll be fine other than a hit to his pride:


Hammond thanked the people who helped him in the air ambulance and the hospital staff who’s “dealt” with him ever since, saying his knee will be built into “a Swiss Army knee” later on in his hospital visit. He thanked James May for, um, his own reasons, and said sorry to his family for the crash.

The Rimac wreck was one of several major crashes Hammond’s had, including a 2006 Top Gear crash and a more recent motorcycle crash while filming for The Grand Tour. Hammond didn’t say what led up to the wreck, but perhaps we’ll get an explanation when the new Grand Tour season airs in October.