Pininfarina describes the Cambiano as a "luxury environment-friendly sport sedan" which likely means that it's a) going to be either a plug-in hybrid or full-electric b) it's going to have four doors and c) it's going to be super sexy. The Italian design house knows how to make a nice concept car.


Headed to the Geneva Motor Show in March (in addition to being fiscally irresponsible, the Euros don't know how to call a car show a car show), this is the second teaser image released of the new car.

The house of car stye has been going down the matte finishes and light colors route for a while, so these teaser shots don't really reveal much in the way of newness. There's de rigeur LED headlights and the blanked-off grille that's quickly becoming a styling hallmark of electrification, it's as if filling in that area somehow states to the world, "Look, no radiator!"

The Cambiano will be a pure concept and Pininfarina is a design house, so this isn't a car that you're going to see in production at any point in the future. Instead, look at the creases and the panel and the shapes for an indicator as to where the company sees car design going over the next few years. And who knows, maybe we'll see something similar wearing an Alfa, Ferrari or similar badge if the Cambiano helps drum up business.

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