Rewrite the book on four wheel drive with the 1978 Jeep pickup truck.

Ever stumbled across a "pickup truck rally" on your way through the woods to go hunting? We haven't either, but behind the wheel of a 1978 Jeep Pickup truck you would be ready if you did.

If it goes anything like this vintage commercial, the organizers won't mind if you enter and in the Quadra-Trac equipped Jeep 4x4 you won't have problems with any terrain you might encounter.

Just make sure you and your friends remember to bring your color coordinated helmets next time you head into the woods to go hunting.

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Nice vintage ad, we could wonder what if Chrysler had continued to make the Jeep pick-up truck? One guy imagined a "what if?" a long while ago of a Jeep pick-up based on the Dodge Ram. Picture from []