Revive The Cassette With New-Fangled MP3 Technology!

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Admit it, more than a few of you still own a car with a cassette deck. Despite the plethora of audio options currently available in new models, you shouldn't feel ashamed in any way for your retro coolness. Because not only are cassette decks still worthy, with this Car Cassette MP3 Player, it'll be like you've revitalized and refurbed that deck with the latest in 90's audio technology. And it's a two-for-one, because this isn't just an MP3 player shaped like an old-school cassette, it also operates as cassette adapter with auxiliary input.


The "cassette" takes SD memory cards, so just Just load one up with MP3s, insert it into the cassette-like adapter and pop the entire thing into your car's cassette deck. Then cruise along with your MP3s playing through the car's stereo — and you did it all without any of those fancy FM transmitters or wires running everywhere like used to deal with back in '93 when you got your first Discman. Since it's battery-driven, the good folks who made it also thought about including a headphone jack so you can pop it out and be the ironic trendy retro kid at the local Starbucks using an MP3 player non-ironically. The Car Cassette MP3 Player is available for $40. [ThinkGeek]



I remember seeing these a long time ago back when SmartMedia cards were cutting edge. The aux-in is a nice touch, but not being able to navigate songs would just be a bummer.

What I'd like is a Bluetooth enabled player that generated its own electricity from the spinning tape mechanism. That way I could leave it in there all the time and just send music to it from my phone or something.