Rev. Jesse Jackson Says New Cars Are 'Squirbely.' What The Hell Does That Mean?

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Our intrepid photographer Brian Williams, clad in his usual photography ghillie suit, snapped some photos of Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Detroit Auto Show today. That in itself isn't too unusual; the Detroit show frequently brings well-known people out. In fact, I think I saw William H. Macy scrutinizing the glove box size in a Fiat 500L.

But what makes this Rev. Jackson sighting so interesting is what our photographer heard him say:

"New cars are squirbely."

Now, my ignorance is rich and varied, so I'm not too surprised to encounter a word I don't know. But I really don't know this word. Our best guess comes from the Urban Dictionary, which gives these three definitions for squirble:

1. the sound that turtles and/or Turtles (fans of the band Paradise Fears or Paradise Fears The Turtle) make. this sound can be heard being shouted at Paradise Fears concerts around the United States. while it is generally a noise, squirble can also be used as a verb, and sometimes a noun or adjective.
"squirble it up!"

2. The act of simultaneously stimulating the genitals of a squirrel and a gerbil.
"Dude, I totally got my squirble on today!"

3. A rare pokemon. Half Squirrel and half Gerbil. This pokemon has very distinct features including a long tail soft fur.
Dude I'm so drunk I caught a squirble


Of these, I'm inclined to go with number two, the dual-genital-stimulation one.

Do any of you out there know what "squirbely" means? In the context of cars? Let us know in Kinja, please.