This Couple's Toyota MR2 Restoration Project Is Better Than Any Car TV Show

(Image Credits: Engines And Unfinished Business/YouTube)
(Image Credits: Engines And Unfinished Business/YouTube)

Matt and Sophie’s YouTube series, “Engines And Unfinished Business,” about their casual Toyota restoration is better than any gassy, monstrous “car build” show I’ve ever seen. It’s cute, simple, and must be credible because British accents!


The story will be familiar to many of you: here’s a moderately interesting car, bought for cheap and “janky but road legal.” I’ve been there. You’ve been there. And if you haven’t, I bet you’ve thought about trying.

With every project car comes a quest of self-discovery and actual discovery of rust where you didn’t know it could be, burnt fuses, years of filth, and oh, you thought this was going to be fun?

But of course, project cars are fun. Especially if you have a partner to work on one with. Anyway, this ongoing video series is relatable and adorable, and more entertaining than informative, but fun to watch nevertheless.


And man, the second-generation MR2 just refuses to stop looking good, doesn’t it? This one’s called “Misty,” by the way. Here’s hoping Matt and Sophie get the thing going nicely without ruining their relationship along the way. Just kidding, you crazy lovebirds got nothing to worry about.

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How the bleep do you find a car that runs at all for £200?!?