In Grosse Pointe Farms, Michiganā€”just outside of Detroitā€”a man in his 60s drove his Cadillac ATS into Lake Saint Clair, the Detroit Free Press reports. Watch as policemen and good samaritans rush to extract him before the car goes down for good.

The news site quotes Grosse Point Farms police, saying the man driving the Cadillac had some sort of medical emergency, causing him to jump his car over a median, veer across two lanes of traffic, and ultimately wind up in the drink.

Watch the nerve-wracking rescue:


Police told the Free Press that two bystanders saw the car go in, and hopped into the lake to rescue the driver. The two were quickly joined by three police officers, who broke the rear window with a fire hatchet, opened the rear door, and unlocked the front.

After yanking open the driverā€™s door, the rescuers had to untangle the driver front the seatbelt, andā€”based on the yelling from the videoā€” free the driverā€™s left leg from the steering wheel.


Luckily, they got the driver out before the car sank, and heā€™s now at a local hospital being checked out.

As for the car, itā€™s seen better days. The video above shows the moments after a crane yanked the Cadillac out of the lake via its C-pillars.


Still, thatā€™s one lucky guy.